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Parking systems and parking management

Two modular parking systems for one optimum solution

The Platinum and Argentum parking systems with entrance and exit terminals as well as automatic pay stations supply the complete multi-storey car park technical equipment for commercial multi-storey car park operators, hospitals, administrative authorities etc.

Parking system with barcode technology

For over 15 years, since long before the German competitors discovered the advantage of the technology, we have been installing parking systems with barcode tickets. The ticket produced at the entrance by means of thermal printing is optically scanned at the pay station and at the exit by contactless and hence wear-free means.

This modular multi-storey car park technology makes it possible, also for complex systems for the entrance/exit station and the pay stations terminals, to select the respective optimum component with identical software and homogeneous hardware.

Multi-storey car park technology made in Germany

We provide the highest industrial standard. Besides our own product development from conception via design to software all of the important bought-in parts are made in Germany.

Central control and System architecture

System architecture

  • Industrial standard embedded PC with SQL database
  • Ethernet – TCP/IP protocol interface
  • Interface RS-485 or digital exit to the barrier
  • Type of protection: IP 54

Network architecture

Network via copper cable Cat. 5 or glass optical fibres (single-mode and multi-mode); 10/100/1000BASE-T, wireless LAN, routing via existing intranet, internet connections, VPNs etc.

Count administration, management of short-stay parkers/subscribers; password-protected access Remote maintenance and analysis via LAN/WLAN network or internet.

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