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Leicestershire County Council

Platinum Pay on Foot system for four separate country parks.

  • 6 x barriers
  • 4 x entry terminals
  • 4 x exit terminals
  • 4 x Pay Stations
  • 1 x server / management software
  • Installation: February/March 2016

    Leicestershire County Council Gallery

Installation: February/March 2016

Leicestershire County Council Gallery

In partnership with ProudCastle Limited, the new Bebarmatic Platinum parking system has been installed at Upper Beacon, Lower Beacon, Market Bosworth and Watermead country park locations for Leicestershire County Council.

Three car parks have full Pay on Foot functionality including Pay Stations that accept payment by notes, coins and credit / debit card. One car park has a Pay on Entry system. The installed Platinum system is also linked to on-site rising blockers and traffic lights in order to manage traffic flow and improve security. The Bebarmatic system is IP-based and all car parks are linked to a remote central server allowing reporting and remote monitoring.

For user assistance, all Pay Stations and exit terminals have 4-way ticket reading as well as the capability to accept RFID season parker cards. The entry terminals have dual ticket feeders that can issue up to 9000 tickets. Pay Stations are also fitted with high security Drumm locks.

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