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New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Project: New Cross Hospital

Client: The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Installation: March 2016

Staff car parking solution for seven car parks (including one multi-storey) to replace the existing management system to improve traffic flow.

  • 16 x barriers
  • 16 x UHF readers
  • 11,000 x staff permits

New Cross Hospital Gallery

The Trust identified a need for a robust, dependable, low-maintenance system with reliable software. ANPR systems were considered, but ultimately dismissed due their accuracy levels, with the decision taken to specify Bebarmatic’s UHF readers and equipment which would provide greater reliability, higher accuracy and more flexibility. Working closely with the Trust and car park operator APCOA, the data on 11,000 records was imported into the new Bebarmatic management system, with the software being reconfigured prior to the issuing of new tags to all users.

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