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Spelthorne Borough Council, Elmsleigh Car Park

Project: Elmsleigh Shopping Centre Car Park

Client: Spelthorne Borough Council

Installation: November/December 2015

Comprehensive refurbishment of Elmsleigh shopping centre surface and multi-storey car park, including:

  • 6 x Platinum Pay on Foot pay stations
  • 2 x entry trerminals
  • 2 x exit terminals
  • 4 x barriers
  • 4 x ANPR cameras (for season ticket holders and to allow the future possibility of ticketless exit to improve traffic flow)
  • 1 x management suite, including server and software

Spelthorne Borough Council Gallery

After a major refurbishment programme, this 885-space car park is now equipped with a fully integrated Bebarmatic parking management system. The new system represents a significant step-up in technology, providing drivers with the option of paying by cash or card – with contactless payment a planned future upgrade. Updates are simple and straightforward to implement, enabling operators to add new functionality as and when required, rather than facing the prospect of a complete system renewal every ten years.

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